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With the SpyHigh® Mounting System, you’ll finally have the ability to easily install your game/trail camera high up in a tree and manipulate it—all without ever leaving the ground. Whether your interest lies in hunting, wildlife monitoring, or even property surveillance, the SpyHigh® Mounting System allows you to position your trail camera from the ground to capture a wide range of photos and videos, while you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your camera remains virtually invisible and secure.


The Line Light is the world’s first LED fishing accessory that can be paired with any lures, baits, dodgers, flashers – you name it. It can also be used with any type of fish.

With an operating depth down to 900 feet, Line Lights are good in any body of water. Whether you’re fishing in deep water, low light at dawn or dusk, or murky, muddy waters, Line Light will help you light ’em up.

Laser Optic for easy Camera pointing
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